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CF8 / CF8M
1/2" to 4"
CF8 / CF8M
80 °C (For Water), 180 °C (For Steam)
Max Inlet Pressure
21 BAR (High Pressure on Request)
Pressure Adjusting Range
1 ~ 6 BAR , 4 ~ 10 BAR , 8 ~ 13 BAR , 12 ~ 20 BAR
End Connection
Screwed End / Flanged End 150 Class

Aira & Airmax 4matic a well known manufacturer and supplier of Pressure Reducing Valve in Bhopal. Our manufacturing process includes pressure reducing valves, or PRVs, as they are known in the valve industry. We offer the WGS model pressure reducing valve for steam, air, oil, gas, and water applications. These valves are typically referred to as water pressure reducing valves.

We are the top quality Pressure Reducing Valve manufacturer in Bhopal. Although they can operate at a temperature range of 80°C to 180°C, these valves are capable of withstanding 80°C water temperatures. They are available in sizes ranging from 1/2″ to 4″. The maximum inlet pressure is 21 BAR, although there was a request to increase it. They are available in Screwed / Flanged 150# Class End connections and come with adjustable pressure ranges of 1 to 6 BAR, 4 to 10 BAR, 8 to 13 BAR, and 12 to 20 BAR.

The materials used in the manufacture of PRV valves are exceptional. For the Body and Bonnet, CF8-/CF8M-casting material is used, while for the Seat, NBR/VITON is used. Our quality products make us the peerless Pressure Reducing Valve Supplier in Bhopal.

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