Solenoid Valve


Our company Aira & Airmax 4matic, a top quality solenoid valve manufacturer in Bhopal. For solenoid coils, we have an ATEX and CE certificate, as well as approvals for CCEO solenoid coils, flameproof coils, and IS 3000 coils. As a manufacturer of solenoid valves, we offer a wide range of solenoids for different applications. Our solenoid valves also include the Pilot operated solenoid valve, Semi-lift operated solenoid valve, Piston type solenoid valve, and Union type solenoid valve.

According to their ability to conserve power, solenoid valves are categorized into two groups: normally open and normally closed. Normally closed valves are energized to permit fluid flow, while normally open valves are energized to restrict fluid flow. Based on the needs and requirements of our clients, we offer various customization options. This ability made us the number one Solenoid Valve supplier in Bhopal.

Our products are constructed with the best materials and the most advanced technology. The ISO guidelines are followed by us, so we are among the most reputable brands in the valve industry. We are the noble distributor of Solenoid valve in Bhopal.

Due to our in-house production facility and quality control department, we are able to maintain a high level of product quality. We have engineers on our team who ensure the quality of the end product. To ensure that there are no mistakes or faults in our products, our inspection department inspects each one. Our testing process ensures that the product is in top working order before we deliver it to our valued customers.

Our valves are lightweight, compact, and long-lasting. Due to their low maintenance costs and long durability, they are in high demand.

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